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You want a presentable document, am I right? This can be a tedious job but with the help of some editing tools found in Microsoft Word 97/2000, it becomes quite do-able indeed.




 for Writers


Inevitably, during the course of your writing, you will find the need to mark your place in the manuscript. You'll want to know where you exited the project plus you'll want to return to earlier parts of your story to put it all together.

In pursuit of a well constructed story or article, it's a good idea to drop hints of things to come and sometimes, especially if you're like me, you'll think of a hint three quarters of the way through and want to go back and slip it in. Perhaps you don't know how you'll word it just yet so you leave a comment.  You will also put a comment where the answer of the hint will go.

Comments can be edited and deleted as needed.  Pressing the "Delete" icon with the red X in the "Comments" toolbar will remove the comment.

Once you have several comments inserted, you can maneuver within your document, using the blue forward and back arrows in the comments toolbar. 

Let's try one, shall we?

Place your cursor directly in front of a word within the area that you want to place a comment.

Click "View" in the top toolbar 

Click "Toolbars" 

Click "Reviewing" to place the "Comments" toolbar on your screen. To hide the "Comments" toolbar, go back into "View," "Toolbars," and click "Reviewing" again. "Reviewing" is its name in Word 2000+ but it is called "Comments" in Word 97.

Click the yellow folder (with a star) in the "Comments" toolbar. 

Type a note to yourself.  

Click the close button and you're good to go. 

2001 Copyright Judith Robbins Barrett
All rights reserved.



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